Building better B2B journeys in manufacturing


What do B2B brands need to focus on to build buyer engagement and drive revenue?

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The B2B landscape has changed forever and the growth of digital commerce has accelerated major shifts across verticals and industries.

Traditionally, manufacturing organizations with complex configurations have relied on in-person engagements, marketing, and technology to drive sales. Those days are over and only organizations that evolve and embrace change will thrive.

How are top-performing organizations embracing these changes? View this webinar to learn how Demant Group, a global leader in the hearing healthcare industry is building a unified and personal omnichannel journey for their customers.

Learn from Troels Christensen, Product Owner at Demant Group, how they leveraged technology, process and people to deliver the best customer experience and drive revenue.

Simon Aisen, partner at Immeo, shares insights into the challenges facing manufacturing organizations today as they begin digital transformations. Learn what best practices marketing teams need to focus on and what role foundational technologies play in driving success.

Key Takeaways:
  • Understand the critical elements for how Demant Group transformed their customer journey
  • Learn key areas of focus for moving from product-centric to customer-centric organizations
  • Get introduced to best practices for industrial manufacturing leaders
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    Building better B2B journeys in manufacturing

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