Avyre Xcelerate

PIM accelerator

Let Avyre’s Xcelerate your product marketing with inriver without a large upfront investment. Xcelerate will take you from zero to PIM in 40 days!

Solution Description

Increasing brand coherence, reducing time to market, and optimizing marketing processes are critical components to modernizing your product team. Avyre’s Xcelerate program provides you a fast, reliable deployment of the world-class inriver PIM platform to tackle these modern business needs. Now you will be able to enrich and adjust your product marketing to stay ahead of ever-changing market demands. Together, Avyre and inriver will deliver the technology and process for you to remain competitive without breaking the bank.

Xcelerate starts with an in-person series of workshops to introduce your team to inriver and for Avyre to learn about your business processes, goals, and pain points. Our proven methodology and extensive experience allow us to tailor inriver PIM specifically to your business quickly. As we add the missing piece to your product information chain, data will start moving smoothly by allowing you to onboard suppliers and export to partners or other systems. Avyre’s Xcelerate will build a solid foundation on which to build better product marketing operations.

When you choose to ‘Xcelerate’ inriver, your team will be up and running with one of the best PIM solutions on the market in only 40 days.

Solution Highlights

Avyre is based in Atlanta, GA, USA.