Avensia PIM for Food and Beverages

PIM accelerator

With Avensia PIM for Food and Beverages you can handle and create all types of product related information. Create directories, update web pages automatically and validate for GS1.

Solution description

The Avensia PIM for Food and Beverages is a comprehensive solution for the handling of all product information that is required throughout the value chain, in the Food and Beverage industry. In combination with inriver PIM you have a complete solution and a powerful tool for developing your business. With all product and all information in one place with built-in GS1 quality assurance, you will need less resources for costly and time-consuming administration and can focus more on developing your brand

Avensia PIM for Food and Beverages handles:

Sales texts & marketing messaging – structured for different market segments

Article-specific data – handles inter alia EAN codes

Contents, nutritional value and allergen information – managed according to the GS1 standard and ready to be used in the production of packaging labels, product sheets, etc.

Product and environmental images – all required file types and sizes, both for catalog production and web publication

Solution highlights

Company contact information

Henrik Påhlsson
Director Information management, Avensia
Email: Henrik.pahlsson@avensia.com
Phone: +46 -706 565 376

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