Avensia PIM Automation Toolkit for Construction & DIY

PIM accelerator

Avensia’s toolkit enables enrichment processes and connectivity to product databases, and generation of product specifications according to ETIM standards.

Solution description

The Avensia PIM automation toolkit for Construction & DIY is a collection of support tools and connectors developed to automate as much as possible in the handling of all product information required throughout the value chain. In combination with inriver PIM you have a complete solution and powerful tools for developing your business, keeping the administration of your product information simplified and efficient.

The need for good product information has grown exponentially in the construction industry. The everchanging demands from customers on commercial information and the legal requirements authorities put on product information accelerates the need for dynamic system support.

Enriching product related information, while ensuring that you meet customer demand in every channel, is a puzzle itself. Adding all this information manually is not reasonable. Using a PIM system to communicate with industry databases will significantly enhance your product information quality, speed up time to market and increase productivity within your organization.

The connector between inriver and product databases saves time and resources by reducing manual administration work, by enabling automatic population of standard data and digital assets.

The ETIM module is a support tool that generates product specifications templates according to ETIM standards, automatically, ready to use by your PIM editors.

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Company contact information

Tobias Månsson
Platform Director – PIM, Avensia
Email: tobias.mansson@avensia.com.
Phone: +46 735 26 49 93