Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Assets Adapter


Together inriver and AEM Assets simplify the management, enrichment, and delivery of your product content.

Enabling collaboration for a personalized customer experience between inriver and AEM Assets.

At a glance

The AEM Assets Adapter enables seamless bi-directional collaboration across the two systems. Create highly visual compelling product stories with just a few drag and drops. Together inriver and AEM Assets simplify the management, enrichment, and delivery of your product content. Crafting the stellar experience your customers demand is faster and easier with the AEM Assets Adapter.

Overcoming today’s challenges

Customers today have more extensive demands. They expect a consistent experience wherever they engage with your brand. Having collaborative tools to quickly deliver a compelling product experience to every customer, no matter the device or screen is critical. But without the right technology, this can be time-consuming and often frustrating. Building such a compelling, consistent experience across all your touchpoints, with up-to-date product information and eye-catching visuals requires seamless integration across core technologies. With inriver and AEM Assets, you have the best of both worlds.

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a globally renowned Content Management System (CMS), with a built-in Digital Asset Manager (AEM Assets). With its easy and dynamic digital asset management, this comprehensive CMS helps you create and manage digital customer experiences across all your touchpoints. inriver is a multitenant SaaS Product Information Management (PIM) solution that helps organizations manage the myriad of product information to create world-class product experiences.

Adapter overview

The inriver Assets Adapter provides you with direct access to all your product media stored in AEM Assets. No need for multiple copies of your media in different systems. The easy configuration lets you map which of your media is product-related. The AEM Assets Adapter enables you to synchronize metadata for the identified digital content to inriver and the other way around.

With the AEM Assets Adapter, your different teams can stay in their chosen application while still collaborating effectively. As the mapped attributes are visible across both platforms, your creative team can work in AEM Assets, while your product department works with inriver. Talk about efficiency. You don’t even have to switch between platforms. For instance, the Product Owner can annotate images directly in inriver. Invisibly enhancing your way of working.

How it works

inriver AEM Assets Adapter model