Adobe Magento Commerce Adapter

Deliver a stellar customer experience by integrating inRiver and Magento Commerce
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At a Glance

Use inRiver’s extensive capabilities to collaborate, create, and control all your product information. The Magento Commerce Adapter lets you quickly bulk import your latest product content to all your Magento Commerce or Magento Commerce Cloud sites, storefronts, and store views. Creating an optimized omnichannel shopping experience has never been easier.

Overcoming Today’s Challenges

With customers expecting the same brand experience across all touchpoints, having an omnichannel approach is essential. But without the right technology, keeping the many storefronts up to date with the latest product content can be time- consuming and error prone. Offering a scalable, consistent customer experience to your e-commerce solution requires seamless integration across core technologies. This is where Magento and inRiver excel.

Magento is a leading enterprise- class e-commerce platform powering thousands of retailers and brands to innovate and grow rapidly. Using either the open-source commerce platform or cloud-based solution, Magento Commerce lets you create engaging B2C and B2B shoppable experiences to build customer loyalty and grow your business. inRiver is a multitenant SaaS Product Information Management (PIM) solution that helps organizations create world-class product experiences that are contextual and relevant, enabling a scalable, frictionless path to purchase.

Adapter Overview

Built around the standard catalog import function in Magento, the Magento Commerce Adapter lets you post your enriched and accurate product content quickly from inRiver into your Magento e-commerce environment.

inRiver’s flexibility for customizing and optimizing your product offering means it’s simple to create product stories and translate them to any language you need. Once ready, queue the product information for export into Magento. Relax, knowing that for each function that receives data, the adapter sends the import result using the inRiver REST API. Then automatically publish the latest, accurate product content across all your store views, stores and websites.

How it Works

See how the inRiver for Adobe Magento Commerce Adapter works