abilex Inheritance Extension for inriver PIM


The Inheritance Extension for inriver PIM from abilex enables users to easily inherit features within inriver, allowing product information to be processed more effectively and without mistakes.

Based on the experience of numerous inriver PIM implementations, customer requirements and best practices, abilex has realized this extension. It enables users to work with inriver even more effectively. The extension is fully integrated into the inriver UI and extends the functionality of inriver by the possibility to inherit features within the system. This simplifies the creation and maintenance of new products, avoids mistakes and reduces processing time and effort.

Solution description

The Inheritance Extension for inriver PIM enables inheritance of characteristics within inriver – from objects to hierarchically subordinate objects – as well as overwriting inherited values if required. For this purpose, pairs of object types, e.g. product and article, as well as a corresponding relationship type are configured.

If a value of an inherited characteristic is maintained on a superordinate level, it is automatically adopted for the associated characteristic of all linked objects on the subordinate level.

The inheritance will be interrupted as soon as the value of the characteristic is overwritten. The extension can recognize if a value on the subordinate level has been overwritten and interrupts the inheritance in this case. The inheritance can be restored by the (authorized) user at any time.

Highlights of the solution

Version: 1.0
Inriver versions supported: inriver 6.2, 6.2 SP1 and 6.3

Link to supporting material: https://www.abilex.de/starterpakete-extensions/

Website: https://abilex.de
Contact: Mario Henzler
Email: ipmcex@abilex.de
Phone +49 711 719188 0