A brand’s guide to digital shelf analytics


Learn how digital shelf analytics can provide you with actionable insights you need to quickly make the right adjustments at the right time, on the right channel.


Eliminate the guesswork with real-time performance intelligence

The world shops online like never before. For brands looking to succeed on the digital shelf, the challenge is two-fold. Not only do they need to distribute optimized product data across all digital channels, but they also need to use performance insight to monitor these touchpoints and ensure they’re telling the product story customers want.

Monitoring all your channels – and ensuring products are in stock, accurately presented, and optimized across all your touchpoints – can be an exhausting manual process. Some might say it’s mission impossible.

Unless, of course, you use digital shelf analytics (DSA).

DSA automatically monitors your online touchpoints, delivering the real-time engagement intelligence and data-driven analytics you need to capitalize on e-commerce opportunities. This closed-loop feedback lets you quickly make the right adjustments at the right time, on the right channel, ensuring your digital shelf monitoring strategy is always aligned with consumer behavior and market trends.

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