5 must-see sites of Malmö, Sweden for PIMpoint summit attendees


February 21, 2019

Joining us for PIMpoint Summit 2019? While you're in town, check out the five best things to see in Malmö, Sweden!

Malmö is Sweden’s third largest city and with convenient connection to Central Europe, is a world class city that offers guests plenty of reasons to pay it a visit. PIMpoint Summit 2019 is just one of the many attractions that Malmö has to offer. As you plan your trip to this stunning city, use this go-to list to make sure you check out the five best things to see in Malmö!

1. Malmö Castle

With an aquarium, a zoo, and three of the city’s main museums (city, art, history) a visit to Malmö Castle is a must during your time in this coastal Swedish city.

Allow plenty of time when stopping by this 15th century stronghold, as its been described by many as “a day in itself” once you step inside. With so many options and opportunities to learn and explore under one roof, this renaissance-era fortress tops the list of activities in Malmö.

2. Sankt Petri Church

One of the tallest and most iconic buildings in Malmö, the Sankt Petri Church, is a gothic style cathedral that is a must-see for tourists year-round. The church is the oldest preserved building in the city, constructed in the 14th century and was the spiritual center of the city during the reformation period.

Complete with stunning frescos and unbelievable exterior architecture, Sankt Petri is a must-see during your time in Malmö.

3. Malmö Saluhall

A creative new food market located just outside of the University of Malmö, this is an obvious destination for all visitors who love quality produce and delicious local cuisine. Commissioned in 2016, Malmö Saluhall brings hundreds of local organically made choices to its visitors and offers variety unlike anything else in the city.

No matter what you are hungry for, the Saluhall offer extensive assortment of meats, cheeses, desserts, and a handful of local street food options. This innovative food market is worth a stop during your visit to Malmö and make sure to bring your appetite.

4. Turning Torso

Undergoing serious construction in recent decades, the Västra Hamnen neighborhood is home to the tallest skyscraper in Scandinavia. Given the self-explanatory name Turning Torso, this new building sits at a towering 623 feet and rises high above everything else in the Swedish skyline.

Despite the inability to trek to the tower’s peak due to its residential purpose, the area around the building is still worth a visit. Experience stunning views of the skyscraper as well as the other new architectural developments throughout the neighborhood.

5. Lilla Torg

Located in the center of this bustling Swedish city is the magnificent 16th century cobblestone square of Lilla Torg (Little Square). Famous for its restaurants and outdoor seating, this cultural heart of the city is among the best spots to grab a bite to eat during your time Malmö.

Along with its restaurants, Lilla Torg is lined with shops, bars, and century-old houses. This central marketplace offers locals and tourists alike plenty of shopping choices and is an ideal spot to unwind in the city’s center.

The city of Malmö offers so many cultural and educational activities to enjoy.

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