3 must-haves for your media management solution: compliance, CX and costs


June 1, 2022

Does your PIM give you versioning, CDN and graphical editing capabilities?

Grow. Expand. Evolve. Increase. Do any (or all!) of these words appear in your business plan? Of course, they do! Commerce is all about growth. But growing to new markets, territories and channels creates new problems for the way you manage the products on your digital shelf. One of them is media management.

In a recent blog post I talked about the complexities of handling the growing range of rich media assets now commonplace in the world of PIM. Let’s dive a little deeper into more of the benefits that are available if you optimize media management for your PIM data.

What are rich media assets anyway?

First, let’s be clear about what we mean by rich media assets. The obvious ones that spring to mind are images and videos. A survey by animations company Wyzowl found 88% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. In fact, 73% said watching a short video was their preferred way to learn more about a product or service. So, if you don’t already have videos in your media library, you’ve almost certainly got them on your wish list. Zoomable, interactive 3D graphics are also increasingly popular (alongside AR and VR) as they give buyers a hands-on experience of a product, even if they can’t physically get their hands on it.

The humble PDF also has a major role to play in many sales, especially for B2B purchases. Specifications sheets, guarantees, regulatory and compliance information, assembly and usage instructions, and ingredients lists all need to be stored, managed, and updated.

Rich media is getting richer all the time!

Version control – tackling compliance and segmenting your market

So where does compliance come in? If your PIM data includes PDFs and other rich media, there’s a good chance you’re managing different versions for different audiences. Languages and regulatory requirements differ from country to country. For many organizations this means maintaining multiple versions of each PDF per territory.

Legal compliance requires buyers to be shown the right data for their location. As product versions and regulatory frameworks change, you’ll need to store older versions of the documentation for compliance purposes, while also making new versions available. It’s also essential to track when the documentation was updated for each audience. Sometimes, you may even need to roll-back to a previous version. Without efficient version control, managing PDFs or other rich media can fast become a major headache.

Version control also comes in handy in highly segmented markets. If your temperature control solution is used to warm swimming pools in Scandinavia but marketed for its air-cooling properties in the hotter regions of North America, you need different specification sheets per market. How do you handle that complexity when you’re storing data for a single product? The answer is efficient version control for your PIM assets.

Beyond the backend – how media management affects customer experience

While rich media can undoubtedly help sell products, there’s always a delicate balance to be struck to avoid driving up page load times and bounce rates. Optimizing the file size of every video, image, and PDF is important, making them as lightweight as possible without damaging visual quality. But location is also key. The further your audience is from your media servers, the longer it will take for your assets to load. Waiting ages for a page or asset to load is a miserable customer experience and today’s digital consumers simply won’t wait. The sale will be lost.

Using a globally distributed content delivery network (CDN) means you will automatically store copies of your rich media assets on servers all over the world. This helps to reduce the distances over which files need to be transported before your page fully loads. In case you still need convincing that every (milli)second counts to keep your bounce rate under control, take a look at this sobering infographic on page load times from websitebuilderexpert.com:

Keeping marketing costs under control

In my previous blog, I touched on the estimated €750,000 per year that companies could save if staff wasted less time searching for the assets they need. When it comes to PIM, graphical editing can also have a big impact on costs. If you’re creating a new campaign or brand identity, you’ll obviously want your best-trained graphic designers on the job. However, marketers often have more basic tasks that don’t really require those skills.

To crop an image, insert a watermark, or add/remove banners related to seasonal promotions, your marketing team shouldn’t need to wait in the queue for an expensive design resource. A PIM solution with simple graphical editing and preview facilities built-in can save time and money.

Introducing inriver Media Suite – media management that’s purpose-built for PIM

If you’re looking to enhance your media management capabilities, simplify your compliance processes and ensure a better user experience, you need inriver Media Suite. This new addition to our Digital-first PIM™ solution is packed with user-friendly media management capabilities designed especially for PIM use-cases.

Inriver Media Suite empowers marketers to collaboratively store, manage and optimize a wide range of assets. It features a global CDN, version control and user-friendly graphical editing tool.

If you’re wondering if your business needs a PIM, a DAM, or both, watch our latest video for B2B industrial manufacturers and get inspired. Are you a retailer or branded manufacturer? We’ve got you covered too!

New media capabilities coming soon…

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