PIM for retailers

Selling more products requires better customer experiences. Deliver product content that is highly searchable, enriched, consistent, and drives conversions.

The world’s best retailers and distributors rely on inriver PIM to help them:
– Stock the digital shelf
– Plan promotions and releases in hours, not weeks, to launch and enter new markets quickly
– Syndicate product content across channels
– Streamline translations or print with connected apps
– Drive guided selling for higher revenue

Context makes product stories complete, relevant, and ready to reach buyers across channels and markets.

PIM for retail


Explore the power of PIM for retailers. Learn how PIM systems can improve customer experiences and boost sales in the retail industry.

Are you ready for the Digital Product Passport?


Are you ready for the Digital Product Passport? Learn how PIM software helps achieve SKU-level data transparency for DPP compliance.

PIM for electronics and appliances


Discover how PIM powers the future of electrical products, offering personalization, compliance, and conversions.

Customer spotlight: Matas Group

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PIM for furniture brands


PIM is the complete solution for furniture, powering sustainability, configuration, and conversions on every channel.

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Think PIM only helps your digital shelf? Think again. Here are just some of the ways PIM can elevate your in-person experience.

6 benefits of digital shelf analytics


Monitoring your online channels with DSA software brings a wealth of benefits to your omnichannel strategy.

Customer spotlight story: Søstrene Grene

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Scandi home furnishings leader Søstrene Grene designs a better digital transformation with inriver.

Customer spotlight story: MonkeySports

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MonkeySports enters a whole new ball game with their new inriver PIM.

The cost of living and its impact on the digital shelf


It’s a hectic time for brands managing their products on the digital shelf. Let’s dive into the cost of living crisis, what it means, and how brands can use PIM to build for e-commerce success despite market uncertainty and a more selective consumer base.

How well do you know your customers?


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PIM + Artificial Intelligence (AI): the what, the why, and the benefits of a virtuous circle


AI and Machine Learning are some of the hottest buzzwords in commerce, but what do they have to do with your PIM (product information management) solution, and how could they help your business?