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PIM for manufacturers

Top manufacturers know what it takes to make the best products. The challenge is how to optimize the customer experience throughout all their channels and B2B distribution networks.

The world’s best manufacturers rely on inriver PIM to help them:
– Drive closed-loop merchandising
– Launch and enter new markets quickly
– Optimize sales across the digital shelf
– Streamline after-sales service
– Integrate channel management
– Syndicate, coordinate, and enhance product information at scale

Read through our PIM for manufacturing resources to help buyers understand the essential details that make products unique. Build better product stories with accurate, relevant and contextual data and connect with buyers.

Are you ready for the Digital Product Passport?


Are you ready for the Digital Product Passport? Learn how PIM software helps achieve SKU-level data transparency for DPP compliance.

PIM for electronics and appliances


Discover how PIM powers the future of electrical products, offering personalization, compliance, and conversions.

PIM for furniture brands


PIM is the complete solution for furniture, powering sustainability, configuration, and conversions on every channel.

Customer spotlight: Leading global construction equipment manufacturer

case study

Transforming product data chaos into triumph with state-of-the-art inriver PIM.

Customer spotlight story: Prysmian Group

case study, video

Unravelling product data complexity with inriver PIM.

Customer spotlight story: Fluidra

case study, video

How the agility of inriver’s data model became the cornerstone of the multinational manufacturer’s growth.

Customer spotlight video: Michelin

case study, video

Watch the video to hear first-hand about Michelin’s digital growth with the inriver PIM solution.

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The time is now for manufacturers to take their e-commerce game to the next level. Are you ready?

Omnichannel Selling: The new B2B imperative


Is your omnichannel strategy where it needs to be? This new B2B imperative could have major impacts on your profitability.

Why sustainability data matters in B2B


Buyer expectations? Regulatory demands? What’s the real reason why B2B sustainability data matters so much?

3 drivers shaping the future of B2B manufacturing sales


Business as usual is over. Explore the key drivers shaping the future of B2B manufacturing sales.

A new era of opportunity in manufacturing


Heightened B2B customer expectations. Sustainability mandates. New markets to tap. Digital enabled profit drivers. Read about the key trends shaping the future of manufacturing so you can benefit from the massive growth in B2B ecommerce that’s just around the corner.