PIM for e-commerce

E-commerce is not nice to have, it’s a necessity to sell anything today. Scaling to new marketplaces, building a consistent customer experience, and making sure you deliver a frictionless path to purchase are critical to drive revenue.

The world’s best brands rely on inriver
 PIM to help them:

– Launch and enter new markets quickly
– Optimize sales across the digital shelf
– Streamline commerce across platforms and channels 
– Syndicate product data to distributors and channels

Don’t leave anything to chance when building your e-commerce platform. PIM is the foundation for limitless possibilities in commerce.

What is PIM?


A product information management solution is the foundation that paves the way for retailers, brand, and industrial manufacturers to optimize omnichannel commerce today.

Is print dead? Not if you want a un​ifie​d customer experience.


Commerce today means leveraging a modern print solution.

Why Sustainability Product Data Matters in B2B


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Get your products online without the hassle


How to sell more products online: a guide to building a successful syndication program

Lost revenue calculator: How much are you losing?

interactive tool

Use our calculator to reveal your lost sales opportunities and how you can turn these into revenue with digital shelf analytics.

Why marketplaces: the new favorite online retailer


Marketplaces have quickly become an essential part of the retail strategy. Find out why.

Salesforce and inriver


Watch Salesforce’s interview with Johan Boström, CPO at inriver, about how these two technologies help customers excel in digital commerce.

Why your competition is crushing you on the digital shelf and how to solve it, fast


The future is digital commerce and the organizations that are getting it right today are crushing the competition.

How does your data model impact time to market?


Incorrect or poor product information can cause buyers to click away, so make sure your data model can scale and get things right.

How can Evaluate help you sell more online-fast?


The amount of people shopping online has dramatically increased. So, how can brands stand out from the competition?

Inside the mind of an online shopper – US statistics


Based on an independent survey of 6,000 online shoppers from across the US, UK, and Germany to share what they think about poor product information, availability, and findability.

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