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PIM for e-commerce

E-commerce is not nice to have, it’s a necessity to sell anything today. Scaling to new marketplaces, building a consistent customer experience, and making sure you deliver a frictionless path to purchase are critical to drive revenue.

The world’s best brands rely on inriver
 PIM to help them:

– Launch and enter new markets quickly
– Optimize sales across the digital shelf
– Streamline commerce across platforms and channels 
– Syndicate product data to distributors and channels

Don’t leave anything to chance when building your e-commerce platform. PIM is the foundation for limitless possibilities in commerce.

Are you ready for the Digital Product Passport?


Are you ready for the Digital Product Passport? Learn how PIM software helps achieve SKU-level data transparency for DPP compliance.

Customer spotlight story: Fluidra

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How the agility of inriver’s data model became the cornerstone of the multinational manufacturer’s growth.

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PIM is the business-critical software solution that transforms your product information management strategy. Find out how.

PIM for e-commerce


For brands and manufacturers selling online, the right PIM solution is the foundation for e-commerce success.

Customer spotlight video: Michelin

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Watch the video to hear first-hand about Michelin’s digital growth with the inriver PIM solution.

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