PIM for e-commerce

E-commerce is not nice to have, it’s a necessity to sell anything today. Scaling to new marketplaces, building a consistent customer experience, and making sure you deliver a frictionless path to purchase are critical to drive revenue.

The world’s best brands rely on inriver
 PIM to help them:

– Launch and enter new markets quickly
– Optimize sales across the digital shelf
– Streamline commerce across platforms and channels 
– Syndicate product data to distributors and channels

Don’t leave anything to chance when building your e-commerce platform. PIM is the foundation for limitless possibilities in commerce.

Customer spotlight story: MonkeySports

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MonkeySports enters a whole new ball game with their new inriver PIM.

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Customer spotlight story: Fluidra

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inriver Channel Insights


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The cost of living and its impact on the digital shelf


It’s a hectic time for brands managing their products on the digital shelf. Let’s dive into the cost of living crisis, what it means, and how brands can use PIM to build for e-commerce success despite market uncertainty and a more selective consumer base.

How well do you know your customers?


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PIM + Artificial Intelligence (AI): the what, the why, and the benefits of a virtuous circle


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