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Learn how PIM powers the transition to circularity at every stage of a product’s life cycle.

Discover how to take advantage of the latest trends shaping the future of digital B2B sales.

Understand the many benefits of PIM and how to find the right solution for every business need.

See how integrating PIM + DAM helps brands tell product stories that matter on every channel.

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inriver Enrich


Transform raw product data into complete, compelling, and compliant product information with inriver Enrich.

6 ways PIM levels up the electronics value chain 


With complex SKUs and massive volumes of data, managing the value chain of electrical products can be challenging without PIM.

PIM for retail


Explore the power of PIM for retailers. Learn how PIM systems can improve customer experiences and boost sales in the retail industry.

PIM for after-sales


After-sales can unlock lucrative new revenue streams. Discover how the inriver PIM solution powers effective after-sales strategies.

PIM for manufacturing


Learn how PIM revolutionizes product data management, streamlines operations, and boosts competitiveness in manufacturing.

4 key ways PIM elevates the customer experience


Ahead of PIMpoint 2024, inriver’s Global Director of Sales Engineering pinpoints the ways PIM boosts customer experience.

“PIM is built with evolving needs in mind.”


Dave Copeland, Global Director of Sales Engineering at inriver, shares his insights into the dynamic PIM market and why C-suites are paying attention.

Connect your DAM and PIM to elevate product content in 2024

video, webinar

Tune in to this on-demand webinar where inriver and Bynder discuss enhancing product content through DAM and PIM integration in 2024.

Checklist: Is your DSA solution right for you?

interactive tool

Digital Shelf Analytics: Not all solutions are created equal. See if your DSA tech is right for you with the expert inriver checklist.

How PIM helps electronics brands avoid the dangers of e-waste 


From environmental hazards to lost resources, the implications of e-waste are significant.

How PIM maximizes profitability across the value chain


It’s a simple truth – every value chain can boost your bottom line through transparency, sustainability, and efficiency.

5 reasons PIM + DSA is key to the product content lifecycle 


Is your product content lifecycle optimized for success? See how PIM + DSA can take it to the next level.

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Understand the who, what, when, why, and how of e-commerce to drive success.


Find out what you need to know to sell, scale, build, and optimize your brand for more revenue in retail today.


Learn the tips, tricks, and insights you need to drive success across modern manufacturing organizations.


Get insights into increasing the effectiveness of key processes to drive more revenue.

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