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Get insights into increasing the effectiveness of key processes to drive more revenue.

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A new era of opportunity in manufacturing

Heightened B2B customer expectations.

Sustainability mandates. New markets to tap. Digital enabled profit drivers. Read about the key trends shaping the future of manufacturing so you can benefit from the massive growth in B2B ecommerce that’s just around the corner.

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A brand’s guide to digital shelf analytics

Discover how to plan, strategize, lead, and build an effective digital transformation.

PIM for fashion

A PIM solution with digital shelf analytics (DSA) makes streamlining omnichannel processes possible.

PIM for furniture

Why do today’s top home goods and furniture brands need a PIM? It’s all about the product content, syndication, and scale.

PIM buyer’s guide

Choosing the right PIM solution isn’t easy. You need to know your platforms, functionality, features and benefits. Our buyer’s guide helps you make the right call.

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Building buyers’ confidence with powerful product content


Watch this video to see how using a PIM allows you to create a centralized hub for your essential product content, ready to be published to any channel.

How to prepare for B2B manufacturing growth


Technology is one part of the solution.

Connecting to buyers with empathy in marketing


Empathy isn’t a marketing strategy, it’s building an emotional connection.

How to master the art of product experience management


Simple images or descriptions aren’t enough to drive PXM.

How to build inspiring product experiences with AR and VR


Use immersive technology as buyers demand much more than great images.

Inriver and Threekit: Bringing products to life


Watch this inriver and Threekit video to learn how product information works with 3D visualizations and augmented reality to truly bring products to life.

5 keys to bridging the gap between in-store and e-commerce CX


Where to focus to drive a great customer experience

How to meet buyer needs in the digital world


What you need to know to move from physical to digital commerce

New product information superpowers in commerce – AR and VR


How to utilize the power of new technologies to drive better engagement and revenue.

3 B2C ideas to enhance your B2B commerce strategy


Forget the differences between B2B and B2C and just deliver a great customer experience. Learn how to start.

inriver Syndicate Plus


Inriver Syndicate Plus automates the distribution of product content to hundreds of retail partners, third-party marketplaces, social commerce channels, and more via template or direct API connection.

Is customer experience a differentiator or detractor for your brand?


The customer experience difference can make or break you- especially today.

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