seamlessly bring together internal and external inputs

Having an effective content onboarding process makes all the difference to ensuring that you have the latest and correct information. You no longer have to go to numerous fragmented systems. Everything is in one place, giving you consistent, accurate information. Goodbye stress!

aggregate all your product data into a single source of truth for consistent, accurate information

  • Access internal and external product data feeds easily
  • Add, manage and control your inbound information and connectors
  • Centralize all your product or SKU data

customer spotlight: Hamelin

Learn how inriver helped Hamelin pave the path towards a single source of truth.

accelerate onboarding of thousands of products from hundreds of new and existing suppliers, saving you time and money

  • Source product data from your suppliers with ease using inriver
  • Empower your suppliers to keep their digital shelf up to date, with an option for validation or automatic updates
  • Connect any source data system with inriver REST API

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