find sales threats in e-commerce and turn them into opportunities

Our technology identifies your lost sales opportunities so you can take action quickly, directly from your inriver dashboard.

display your products

A product that can’t be found online will not sell — so good visibility for each product everywhere, every day, is the starting point for all sales in e-commerce.

Be confident that your products:

  • Are visible in relation to the expected listing
  • Appear under your prioritized keywords
  • Have the desired share-of-shelf and ranking

inspire your customers

Online, there is no sales staff to ensure your products are presented accurately and feel on-brand. This important sales job is left to product pages.

Relax, knowing that your products:

  • Have a title, description, specification, image, or video in place
  • Have the desired content displayed for each product, such as the correct images, descriptions, pictures and videos
  • Have consumer reviews, including what their average and trend is

increase conversions

Online, staying in stock, and keeping up with all promotions on the market are key challenges for brands. Staying on top of both helps brands stand out from the competition.

Be assured that you’ll know:

  • If your product is out-of-stock in any of your reseller channels
  • Who your sellers are on each marketplace
  • Promotions, price fluctuations, and trends for each product, including your competitors

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