Training and support

Enhance your skills and expand your knowledge to maximize your investment

Expand the organizational benefits that inRiver delivers

Increase the user adoption by letting everyone in your business appreciate the benefit of inRiver through interactive, practical training, access to the latest know-how, and bouncing ideas off experts or one of 3,000+ community members.

Learn from the inRiver experts and connect to your PIM Community

As an inRiver customer, you have access to a broad range of resources to support you along your PIM journey.

Tap into the inRiver fountain of knowledge

Our inRiver Community is the place to go for ‘Getting Started’ resources, Product Documentation, How to Guides, and FAQs. Plus there’s a vibrant user community to learn about best practices and a place to share experiences.

Need a helping hand?

Have a question or want to raise a support ticket? Contact the inRiver Support team who will be more than pleased to assist you.

Teaching the world about PIM

The inRiver Academy includes expertly designed training to help you use inRiver to its fullest extent. Access the learning you need in the format that suits you best. Ranging from e-learning, webinars and onsite courses

Get certified on inRiver

We provide certification for all our partners which ensures inRiver users get implementation and support that they can trust.

Discover PIMpoint

This is the longest standing PIM global event. Learn from industry experts, inRiver gurus, our partners but more importantly your peers on best practices in PIM. Be inspired. Network. Have fun along the way.