Best of breed PIM platform

Out of the box, you have all you need to get up and running with the option to add enhanced capabilities depending on your needs.


Seamlessly bringing together internal and external inputs

Having an effective content onboarding process makes all the difference to ensuring that you have the latest and correct information. You no longer have to go to numerous fragmented systems. Everything is in one place, giving you consistent, accurate information. Goodbye stress!

Aggregate all your product data into a single source of truth for consistent, accurate information

  • Access internal and external product data feeds easily
  • Add, manage and control your inbound information and connectors
  • Centralize all your product or SKU data

Learn how inRiver helped Hamelin pave the path towards a single source of truth.

Streamline your content onboarding process with dedicated supplier self-service portals.

Accelerate onboarding of thousands of products from hundreds of new and existing suppliers, saving you time and money

  • Source product data from your suppliers with ease using inRiver
  • Empower your suppliers to keep their digital shelf up to date, with an option for validation or automatic updates
  • Connect any source data system with inRiver REST API

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Where the magic happens, crafting stellar product stories

Providing enriched product content, enhanced product details and contextual information lets you bring products to life. Need content creation in different languages for your multinational omnichannel environment – no problem. Want to manage all your content centrally for better compliance to regulatory or safety requirements – we’ve got your back.

Enhance your way of working to gain that competitive advantage

  • Align your external reality to your internal taxonomy with the flexible market-focused data model
  • Customize, personalize, and bundle offerings for a relevant and contextual customer experience
  • Map product relationships for spare parts, guided up-sell/cross-sell as part of assortments or product kits

Hear from Alfa Laval about the positive impact of the market-focused data model.

Work together, in a central hub, to automatically enrich product content, manage media files, and build context.

Transform product data into engaging stories to deliver a stellar customer experience

  • Enrich your product information with meaningful marketing text, images, videos, specifications, 3-D drawings, instruction manuals, and more
  • Speak the language of your buyers, inRiver supports all 258 ISO languages
  • Collaborate in dynamic workspaces to get new content to market quicker

Create an immersive buying experience, add images, pictures or even 3D

  • Use image recognition to automatically generate product attributes, like colors, descriptions, and tagging
  • Build detail images of every part of your product including environmental images that are interactive and in 3D
  • Integrate your DAM easily with inRiver’s API to leverage existing visual assets consistently across all your channels
Living Spaces, an inRiver customer

Find out how Living Spaces built in-store studios, allowing customers to render products themselves.

Easily combine a campaign or project time dimension to your product information.

Decide what you want to publish and share – when and where giving you control across every channel

  • Set the product completeness criteria for when to publish per channel
  • Plan campaigns and take advantage of the the built-in GANT chart functionality to add an extra time dimension
  • Configure queries to automatically push relevant product attributes and entities to the correct outbound digital channel
  • Define queries within publication for the required information, such as assortments, for Print via an inDesign connector

The power of inRiver is that it helps your organization run smoother. Having all your product information stored in a PIM solution leads to better data quality. It’s easier to update and readily accessible to all. Silos and error prone, time-consuming manual tasks are eliminated. It’s true!

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Effortlessly share your content across all channels: digital and print

According to IDC, as a larger share of total commerce is conducted on digital channels, product information management, and syndication applications are becoming increasingly essential for sellers to compete. But let’s not forget, that for some markets, print is still very important and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Reach your buyers wherever they are and deliver an engaging, consistent customer experience across all your channels

  • Streamline your content distribution across all channels: e-commerce, instore, mobile, print, marketplaces, online retailers, distributors, or data pools. No limit
  • Fast-track sharing content with our product data syndication capabilities
  • Increase first time right delivery with our actively managed syndication template library making it simpler to comply with the different channel requirements
  • Provide your resellers with a self-service portal that lets them effortlessly search, access, and download selected, approved product information.

Find out how Office Depot cut time for print preparation by 80% with inRiver.

Connect to any source data systems across your ecosystem with ease

  • Simplify catalog and print tasks with the inRiver print functionality that integrates product data directly with Adobe inDesign®
  • Integrate and extend your PIM solution to any source data system with inRiver REST API
  • Choose from the inRiver ready-made adapters to simplify the import and export of data

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Find sales threats in e-commerce and turn them into opportunities

Our technology identifies your lost sales opportunities so you can take action quickly, directly from your inRiver Dashboard.

See it in action: inRiver Evaluate

Display your products

A product that can’t be found online will not sell — so good visibility for each product everywhere, every day, is the starting point for all sales in e-commerce.

Be confident that your products:

  • Are visible in relation to expected listing
  • Appear under your prioritized keywords
  • Have the desired share-of-shelf and ranking

Inspire your customers

Online, there is no sales staff to ensure your products are presented accurately and feel on-brand. This important sales job is left to product pages.

Relax, knowing that your products:

  • Have a title, description, specification, image, or video in place
  • If the desired content is used for each product, such as:
    • Correct images
    • Correct descriptions
    • Correct pictures or videos
  • Have consumer reviews, including what their average and trend is

Increase conversions

Online, staying in stock, and keeping up with all promotions on the market are key challenges for brands. Staying on top of both helps brands stand out from the competition.

Be assured that you’ll know:

  • If your product is out-of-stock in any of your reseller channels
  • Who your sellers are on each marketplace
  • Promotions, price fluctuations, and trends for each product, including your competitors

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