Product Information Management
Foundational technology for omnichannel success

Purpose built for marketers and secure enough for IT teams. inRiver is at the heart of creating great e-commerce experiences for today and the future. Empower your buyers anyplace, anytime!

Reach more buyers with engaging product stories

Thriving in today’s digital world means delivering stellar customer experiences across every catalog, marketplace and touchpoint. It doesn’t matter if you’re B2B, B2C, or both – all buyers want a personalized experience. Behind that positive experience is Product Information Management (PIM).

With our highly visual, extensible SaaS solution, we help you increase sales, streamline product data syndication, and reduce product returns. No downtime, no software updates, just time to build better customer experiences. Simple.

inRiver has everything you need in a single PIM solution:

ContentDistribution ContentCreation ContentOnboarding

Content Onboarding

Product data lives in many different silos across your organization. Data can also come from your suppliers. It’s a real headache to manage. inRiver simplifies the process to onboard data from any source and establish a single source of truth for your product content.

Content Creation

Great product experiences must be tailored to your buyer. Enrich that product data with text, images, videos, and more. inRiver enables you to bring your products to life by creating great content that’s relevant, contextual, and desirable.

Content Distribution

Working in an omnichannel world can make sharing your product stories more challenging. Even more so, when you have a complex “go to market” strategy in place. inRiver streamlines the delivery process, making it quicker for you to reach your buyers across all your channels.

Why inRiver?

Exceptional customer experiences

  • Create consistent and complete product stories for an omnichannel world
  • Leverage contextual and relevant product data in any language to drive experiences, not just purchases
  • Build better product information to reduce costly customer returns

Quicker time to value

  • React as quickly as you need to. Whether it’s getting your products to market faster or being able to respond immediately to the changing market dynamics
  • Seamless connections and integrations to your external ecosystem and your internal business systems
  • Scale with ease through product data syndication to expand your distribution

Greater global presence

  • Automate translation for product stories in any language, any time
  • Scale quickly and easily across marketplaces, data pools, or channels with complete control of your product data
  • Expand your distribution with product data syndication to reach your buyers wherever they are

Predictable cost of ownership

  • Multi-tenant SaaS solution running on Microsoft Azure is secure and fast-to-deploy. No downtime, no upgrades, no hardware purchases – just a powerful solution
  • inRiver maintains the servers, databases, and code, you can focus on growing your business without IT constraints
  • Scalable data storage and workload capacity that adapts to your requirements. Pay for what you need

Community of experts

  • Dedicated online Service Center, inRiver Academy, and expert services professionals
  • Vibrant partner community to support inspire, and guide implementations
  • 3,000+ PIM, marketing, IT, product, and e-commerce professionals to network with and knowledge-share

Ready to see inRiver in action?

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One platform for all your PIM and digital ecosystem needs

What do you need to survive and thrive today in commerce? Everything.

It starts with having a scalable, SaaS-based solution that lets you pivot and adjust based on changing buyer needs, environmental factors, supply chain disruptions, and anything in between.

Focus on growing your business, without IT constraints

  • Deploy inRiver anywhere with our cloud-based solution that runs on Microsoft Azure
  • Relax, knowing the inRiver extensible, scalable architecture easily adapts to your needs to meet peak demands
  • Use industry-standard security management tools and procedures for enterprise-grade security and governance
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Being part of the Microsoft Azure ecosystem has multiple advantages

  • Seen as an industry leader, consistently recognized clear security and privacy requirements
  • Offers an extensive set of international and industry specific compliance standards
  • Build connectors to take advantage of other Azure services within your existing network, using Microsoft’s expansive development tool kit, advanced workloads, and core infrastructure