inRiver Portal - Apps

The inRiver web portal enables marketing specialists to easily create, manage and get an overview of perfect product content. inRiver provides a variety of apps that are deployed and accessed through a single login. The different apps provides functionality corresponding to each the core stages of the inRiver PIM process:


Supply AppSupply App - provides an overview of the import process of data and resources. From here you can add, manage, and control your inbound information and connectors. It also provides information about events associated with the supply process.


Enrich AppEnrich App - this app is used when working with the enrichment of your products. This is where marketers craft product stories, manage media, and define the context for presenting content. The app supports every aspect of the PIM storytelling process including functionality for team collaboration.

plan & releasePlan & Release App - this app provides an overview of all your channels and publications (InDesign Documents). From here you can create and manage channel and publication entities, and get detailed information about ongoing events.


Publish AppPublish App - the app provides an overview of the publishing of product data and resources. From here you can add, manage, and control your outbound channel connection. It also provides information about events associated with the publishing process.



In addition to the Core Apps, inRiver Product Marketing Cloud provides a set of Functional Apps to make the inRiver PIM process and workflow more efficient and product content more accessible and sharable:

Planner AppPlanner App - is used when creating, managing and collaborating on enrichment activities during the PIM process, enabling the efficient handling of campaigns, promotions, and product launches. The app provides a timeline overview including the completeness levels of products for every activity that has been, or needs to be, completed.

Supplier OnboardingSupplier Onboarding App - is used when you are setting up, validating, and managing the import flow of data and resources from suppliers. You can add and manage access rights, administrate the communication, and validate the quality of the product information of your suppliers. External users manage the upload of information via a web portal. 

Content Store AppContent Store App - is used when making assortment visible and downloadable for any external or internal users. From here you can add and manage users so they can search, find, and download any resource and associated product information.


Print AppPrint App - inRiver Product Marketing Cloud also enables you to use content in print publications. The Print app (now accessible form the Control Center) gives you access to the inRiver print settings used for exporting product content between inRiver PIM and Adobe InDesign.