inRiver Product Marketing Cloud

The PIM Process

inRiver Product Marketing Cloud simplifies Product Information Management for B2C and B2B product selling companies, enabling product marketing professionals creating perfect product stories and great customer experiences across all touchpoints, simply to sell more, faster.

inRiver provides structure, control, and trust in product data, enabling marketing teams to be more efficient in their day-to-day work, resulting in shorter time-to-market for all products.

inRiver apps are easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, drag-and-drop user experience guiding marketers along the four core stages of the inRiver PIM process: 

inRiver Product Information Management

- inRiver provides the tools for easy accessing product data feeds from external systems like ERP, PLM, or any other third party system.

ENRICH – this is the stage where great product stories are crafted as product marketing professionals collaborate on creating rich, consistent, and converting product stories.

PLAN & RELEASE – with inRiver, you can use your product information across any customer touchpoint. The app for planning and releasing allows you to manage, optimize and schedule your content for specific channel requirements.

PUBLISH - inRiver allows you to connect and publish high-quality product information to any sales channel (e-commerce, catalog, e-catalog, in-store signage etc). Once published, changes are easily made in a single place to be applied across all channels.