New Features

Praised for its usability, inRiver Product Marketing Cloud is even faster to deploy, learn, and use than its predecessors. inRiver Product Marketing Cloud supports operational excellence for marketing organizations by offering a multi-tenant, single-point of access SaaS that speeds time-to-market for all products and channels. The new release introduces several empowering features, including:


Dashboards - Insights Driven UI: The start page, Plan & Release, and Enrich apps have been enhanced with gauges, showing the real-time progress for each of the channels. Also, the new My Area feature for displaying any type of information.


Control Center: The new Control Center of inRiver Product Marketing Cloud is where you have access to all apps and settings for managing you inRiver deployment. A ste of new apps have been added – Model app, Connect app, Log app, Print app, and the Export/Import app.


In-Context Editing: The new feature makes it possible to run an HTML page/template that corresponds to a live page (e.g. an eCommerce page), enabling editing as if directly on the page for quicker and better results.

Google Manufacturer Center Syndication: This new connector can be deployed and accessed in the Publish App, enabling data syndication from inRiver to the Google Manufacturer Center possible, just like using any other inRiver connector.

Amazon Syndication: Enables the creation of Amazon syndication models, including the data structure, completeness rules, attributes, relations, and other settings to meet the Amazon requirements. Once defined, the model can be saved and reused when the next syndication needs be published.

Best Practice Industry Models: Enables the design of a marketing model that includes the data structure and settings used in specific industries. The model can be saved and used by other organizations with similar requirements.