Marketing Excellence 

inRiver provides a single point of access to PIM. It significantly increases the productivity of product marketers, enabling them to shorten the time-to-market for all products. 



Higher efficiency and output

With inRiver, marketing teams get more done, in a shorter time period, while maintaining great content quality.


A single point of control

With inRiver Product Marketing Cloud you have a single point of access and control.


Cloud Service

inRiver is a secure, fast-to-deploy PIM application running on a proven, scalable, and elastic cloud infrastructure. inRiver Product Marketing Cloud provides a reliable and global reach, without sacrificing performance.



inRiver easily scales to meet the requirements of your operations. You can start small and gradually add functionality when needed.


Faster time-to-market

Getting to market more quickly for all products across all customer touchpoints means longer product exposure and higher sales.