inRiver has an open architecture with extensive APIs, simplifying connectivity to third party systems.



Control and structure from a single marketing model

inRiver enables total control, structure, and flexibility for managing inbound and outbound product content to simplify customer search and selection of products.


Big Box syndication

inRiver enables perfect product content to be seamlessly syndicated in accordance with the specifications of Big Box marketplaces, such as Amazon, Walmart and Google.


A single toolbox for all PIM needs

The inRiver toolbox provides powerful apps and services for your organization to excel in PIM. With inRiver Product Marketing Cloud, you will have full control of the core PIM processes: supply, enrich, plan & release, and publish.


Simplified connectivity

Utilize the open inRiver API for connecting to and from any third-party system, such as a CMS, eCommerce, PLM, or ERP application.


Localization support

inRiver offers built-in functionality and easy integration with translation services for meeting the specific demands and needs of consumers across markets.