Apps and Features

inRiver provides a wealth of native apps for anywhere, anytime access to enable the merchandizing of product content to achieve a world-class customer experience across all touch points.



Detailed Planning

inRiver provides planning capabilities to manage and share a holistic view of all product marketing activities for better coordination and results. 


Easy Onboarding

The inRiver Supplier Onboarding feature ensures top-quality supplier data, delivered on-time, to the right place, helping you to sell more - faster.


Asset Management

inRiver provides easy integration, handling, and management of digital assets to increase the conversion rates of your products.


Easy Sharing

inRiver radically simplifies the sharing of content, providing a one-stop shop for product information. The inRiver Content Store is where your partners, resellers, or retailers go to retrieve the latest, rich, and consistent product stories that you have prepared for them. 


Increased Sales

inRiver natively supports cross-sell, up-sell, and merchandising on media, driving higher conversions and sales.