inriver whistleblowing policy

With this whistleblowing policy, inriver specifies how employees, who have reason to raise a concern regarding serious misconduct, can act without breaching the duty of loyalty in the employment contract and suffer from labor law measures or other negative consequences.

The purpose of inriver’s policy is to provide clear guidance on when and how serious miscarriages can be reported in inriver in situations where it is not appropriate to use regular reporting arrangements. All disclosures of serious misconduct must be handled in a fair and correct manner.

The policy has been developed taking into account the Swedish law (2021: 890) on special protection against retaliation for employees who report misconduct- also called the whistleblower law.

Inriver strives for a culture where there is a high level of transparency and where there is a dialogue in the company about problems that arise in the business. Although it is not a matter of maladministration of a kind that causes an alarm in accordance with this policy, inriver encourages that all employees regularly address, in the first place, their immediate manager any problems they experience within inriver.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Inriver reserves the right to change, amend, or terminate any of its policies at discretion of the company. This policy was last updated on 2024-05-14.