PIMpoint Digital 2020:
Innovation Spotlight: Creating an Immersive Buying Experience

Panel session with Salesforce, Threekit, and inRiver

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Today’s buyers are more demanding than ever. With so many options available, they have the luxury of looking for products that perfectly match their needs and desires. How can retailers and manufacturers create an immersive buying experience to stand out from competitors and give customers exactly what they want?

The answer lies in a range of exciting new innovations. During this panel session, experts from Salesforce, Threekit and inRiver will reveal how technological advances are changing the online buying experience, delivering new opportunities for product customization and configuration, and improving scalability and time-to-market while keeping costs to a minimum.

Join us to learn:

  • Which innovations can help you create a more immersive buying experience
  • How Salesforce, Threekit and inRiver are collaborating to deliver new product information capabilities
  • How configuration can increase effectiveness, boost sales, and reduce marketing costs

Who should attend?

  • Sales, marketing, and e-commerce professionals looking for new ways to engage with their buyers
  • Manufacturers and retailers interested in improving the buying experience by helping customers quickly find and configure products
  • Anyone curious about the latest innovations in product information management

Featured Speakers

Andrew Witherspoon, Salesforce

Andrew Witherspoon
Area Vice President of Manufacturing at Salesforce

Matt Gorniak, PIMtalk guest and PIMpoint Digital 2020 featured speaker

Matt Gorniak
CEO at Threekit

Johan Boström inRiver Pim

Johan Boström
Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at inRiver

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