PIMpoint Digital 2020:
How to fast-track digital transformation during a pandemic

Customer interview with Intersport

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The Intersport brand is centered on the local heart of sports. With 5421 stores in 43 countries, it is known as the place to go to get training gear, personal advice, or even seasonal rentals. So, when your strategy is based on local, personal connections, what happens when a global pandemic forces you to close your stores?

During this interview, Tatianne Lugo from Intersport shares how the company dealt with an unprecedented situation, fast-tracked their digital transformation, and discovered new ways to address their customer’s needs.

Join us to learn how Intersport:

  • Replenished their digital shelves (with the help of PIM!)
  • Adapted their marketing strategy to make their products stand out
  • Shipped orders from stores to overcome warehouse shortages

Who should attend?

  • Professionals starting or optimizing their company’s digital transformation process
  • Retailers or companies looking for insights on improving their digital customer journey

Featured Speaker

Tatianne Smit-Lugo, Intersport

Tatianne Smit-Lugo
Digital PIM Manager at Intersport

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