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PIMpoint is back!

Thursday, April 27, 2023 in Chicago:
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Tuesday, May 9, 2023 in Malmö:
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It’s the most fun you can have with product information!

After four years away, inriver is getting the PIM band back together again at PIMpoint 2023. Attendees will experience the future of PIM today with the best and brightest from the world of product information management. Get ready for:

  • Innovation and insight with the PIM experts
  • Trends and best practices from the biggest names in the game
  • Networking with old friends and new faces from the global PIM community
  • Some food, fun, and, of course, a few cocktails!

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    what is PIMpoint?

    PIMpoint is the largest PIM-focused event in the world. Across two locations, PIMpoint welcomes over 1,000 professionals from a range of industries, backgrounds, and interests to a conference like no other. From manufacturing marketers to retail revenue managers, the best minds in the PIM space come together at PIMpoint to engage, excite, and inspire the future of product information management. And, of course, it wouldn’t be PIMpoint without a healthy dose of fun along the way!

    the PIMpoint community

    The possibilities of PIM are limitless, but the community behind the software remains as strong and close-knit as ever. PIMpoint brings this community together in a uniquely sociable setting to share ideas, innovations, and insight. At PIMpoint, attendees can learn with the PIM experts, meet old friends and new faces from the PIM community, and be part of something truly revolutionary: the future of PIM.

    “Participating in PIMpoint is one of our most important events of the year. As a long-term partner to inriver, we’ve seen the event rise in importance and magnitude. This is where you meet up with other partners, customers, and the people at inriver. This is the best place to be if you want to share and get information about the PIM domain.”

    Magnus Engström, VP Sales, Nexer (formerly Sigma IT)

    experience the best of PIMpoint

    Want to relive past editions of the world’s biggest PIM event? Or see what you’ve been missing? Here are some highlights from previous editions of PIMpoint.

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    Inriver announces winner of the Innovation Labs 2021 Hackathon


    Find out which teams from the inriver Partner Network were the finalists and who won.

    What’s interactive and new at PIMpoint Digital 2021?


    PIMpoint launches next week October 5-7th

    PIMpoint goes digital

    Highlights from PIMpoint Summit 2019

    Malmö, Sweden

    Highlights from PIMpoint Americas 2019

    Chicago, IL, United States

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