Ulrik Viebke


Location: Helsingborg, Sweden

Why are you an ICP member: I have worked with product information since the late 1990s with close perspectives from the entire chain as a supplier, reseller, product owner and system supplier and love working with inRiver and pushing colleagues to succeed with the platform. Being part of ICP gives me new perspectives on even better implementations as well as transferring my ideas and efforts to others with similar thoughts and improving the product for customers and partners, and simultaneously also improving myself.

What inRiver PIM skills are you most proud of: I am very close to finding new ideas and solutions to complex problems, and I often push inRiver to improve its product with new modules, such as Contribute. Working with some of the best brands in Scandinavia and being part of some of the most expansive brands on this planet is also something I am very proud of, and something that would not be possible without the combination of Avensia and inRiver, the two companies which has really made me who I am today and something I am extremely proud of.

Present employment: Avensia