Tjarco Boon


Location: Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

Why are you an ICP member: As expert software engineer at CTAC, I am a key person to map customer and partner requirements to the most suitable way of software implementation, primarily using Microsoft technologies, and for the past 2,5 years — inRiver PIM solutions. I am experienced as a software architect and system integrator. I am a proven valuable member of the ICP team and I support inRiver and their customers with software solutions and ideas that raises product information management to a higher level.

What inRiver PIM skills are you most proud of: I’m proud of developing software that can seamlessly run on multiple versions of inRiver PIM as either connectors, extensions, or external applications. I am also proud of implementing industry standards like ETIM and GS1 that can be imported into or published towards other systems from the inRiver PIM model.

Present employment: CTAC