Jeremy Peterson


Location: Johnson City, TN, United States

Why are you an ICP member:

  • I am very passionate about inRiver and the flexibility the platform brings to its customers and partners and love to contribute any way I can.
  • I enjoy interacting with the inRiver product team, the sales engineering team, and other technical contributors to determine ways to make the system even stronger.
  • I work with the sales teams at Ntara and inRiver on exploring many deals, demonstrating the software, and answering very technical questions about inRiver and our capabilities for new potential customers.

What inRiver PIM skills are you most proud of:

  • I strive to find patterns and processes to speed up the work so we can be more effective with our configuration process, thereby having more time to find solid solutions that are right sized for the customers’ specific needs.
  • I have helped to build many templates, documents, and procedures for streamlining the work that we do for PIM. I have also shared portions of this information with the inRiver community to assist with the development of some inRiver best practice standards.
  • I’ve established several standards for evaluating client data and scoring it to provide recommendations on what cleanup may be required to enhance PIM experience and improve data accuracy.
  • I work closely with the development team at Ntara to suggest new tools that we can build to help us become more efficient and to reduce errors in our work and to make data loading error reporting more solid and meaningful.
  • Our company handles some very large complex accounts that have many complicated needs with many integrations. I enjoy finding unique ways to solve their business needs while leveraging the power of inRiver.

Present employment: Ntara