David Norvell


Location: Johnson City, TN, United States

Why are you an ICP member:

  • I understand the inRiver product well and am invested in communicating and working with the product team to improve the base inRiver product.
  • I am invested in helping manufacturers get products to market as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • I am dedicated to innovating and am always looking for ways to make things better for end users.
  • I also have a unique perspective in that I am Business Consultant and Developer certified.

What inRiver PIM skills are you most proud of?:

  • I have increased ROI through automating mundane tasks via data integrity checks, automatic linking, automatic notifications, etc.
  • I streamline complex processes and workflows through advanced notification systems, allowing our clients to spend their time on tasks that are more valuable to the business.
  • I’ve provided tools for the business analysts to maximize their job efficiency, allowing them to focus more on solving real customer problems.
  • I have educated multiple clients and others about the many ways various product problems can be solved with inRiver and have helped them understanding the pros and cons of each possible solution.

Present employment: Ntara