Daniel Jansson

Cypoint Inspire

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Why are you an ICP member: I have been working with inRiver PIM for several years and I have been involved in both small and large scaled projects. During these years I have collected a lot of useful experience and knowledge that I today apply in my projects, giving my customers a lot of value for their investments.

I really like the community approach that inRiver has taken. It gives me, and you, an opportunity to assist inRiver improving their product, helping our customers and of course helping each other. In the end everyone is a winner.

What inRiver PIM skills are you most proud of: Keeping it simple. I always strive for using standard inRiver functionality before looking into customizations to solve customer needs, but when needed I really enjoy extending the inRiver functionality with useful extensions.

My strength is that I’m involved in the whole implementation process, from collecting business requirements, analyzing and implementing the PIM model to handling the technical parts such as building extensions and integrations.

Present employment: Cypoint Inspire