Andrew Walker

Chief Executive Officer at Shift7

For B2B companies, the time to invest in digital is now. As CEO of Shift7 Digital, Andrew Walker is navigating the course. Shift7 Digital is a collaborative digital experience agency helping B2B organizations create strategic digital solutions to better connect with their customers. Andrew pairs his deep expertise in experiential design and marketing technology with extensive experience in digital communications across a variety of industries, including Financial Services, Manufacturing & Distribution, Retail, and Consumer Products. Andrew’s team identifies and implements B2B companies’ digital transformation needs so they can connect with their customers on a deeper level.In today’s ever-changing, high touch marketing landscape, Andrew’s down-to-earth style remains constant.


He leads with compassion, the desire to learn from others, and when all else fails, a sense of humor.  His ability to make deep connections, innovate on the fly, and remain flexible makes him a uniquely collaborative leader.


Above all else, Andrew believes relationships matter most, a tenet that enables Shift7 to consistently drive business outcomes for their clients. Let’s go.