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enhance and extend PIM deployments and functionality

Technology partners and alliances provide complementary products and platforms to help you adapt to changing needs as you grow.


Technology Partner, Digital Asset Management

Manage product data and the entire content value chain from a single source. Digizuite’s integration with inriver makes it happen with ease.


Technology Partner, 3D/Augmented Reality

The intuitive platform that brands use for immersive shopping experiences on e-commerce. With 3D product configuration and personalization options, consumers can make products their own.


Technology Partner, User Generated Content

Flowbox’s platform offers a suite of advanced solutions for visual marketing, publishing and e-commerce, making it possible to source content faster and drive UGC marketing at scale.


Technology Partner, Digital Asset Management

FotoWare Digital Asset Management provides your business with a central content hub to manage marketing materials, product images, and more. The Inriver integration enables you to connect content with product data and provide an enhanced consumer experience.


Technology Partner, Digital Asset Management

The user-friendly DAM with over 450 clients globally and a ready connector for inriver.


Technology Partner, Print

Indeap is a consultancy company specialized in database publishing. The company aims to help inriver partners and customers, facilitating their print publications.


Technology Partner, Enterprise Resource Planning

Infor provides software and service solutions to 4,500 customers in manufacturing, distribution, maintenance and service sector industries across 40 countries.


Technology Partner, E-commerce

Intershop has been driving and supporting the development of online retailing since 1992 and possesses unparalleled e-commerce experience.


Technology Partner, Translation Services

LanguageWire is the world’s leading platform for language and content services. Since 2000, LanguageWire has helped brands create global content with innovative technology, streamlined workflows, and a worldwide network of language experts.

Lengoo: Powering Enterprise Language Solutions with AI

Technology Partner, Translation Services

Lengoo provides premium language translation services using a combination of the latest machine translation technology and professional linguists.


Technology Partner, Translation Services

Lionbridge provides organizations with re-engineered and culturally adapted multilingual versions of their products and applications, corporate web sites, user interfaces, online help systems, product documentation, and sales and marketing information.

Technology Partner, E-commerce’s Commerce Logic Engine uses intelligent guided product discovery, configuration, and recommendation capabilities to eliminate high-touch selling processes by connecting customers to perfect-fit products faster.

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