solution partners

Who are solution partners? They are a collection of professionals with extensive knowledge of our platform and the systems needed to drive digital commerce.

These partners know inriver inside and out. They have the skills and experience to implement solutions, power digital transformation, and optimize processes to generate revenue.

Different tiers of partnership indicate levels of expertise, benefits, and commitments. Find the right partner to help you solve your challenges based on your specific needs or requirements.


Solution Partner, Gold

Epinova is the only company in the Nordics, Norway and Sweden, specializing in implementing internet, e-commerce solutions and intranets solely on the Episerver platform.


Solution Partner, Silver

Euvic is an IT service provider specialized in Software Development, Body/Team Leasing, IT Infrastructure, Innovations, Performance, and Commerce Transformation.

Forte Digital AS

Solution Partner, Silver

Forte Digital is an international consulting company, specialized in building digital service platforms, UX-design and management consulting services.


Solution Partner, Platinum

Geta is a full-service digital commerce agency with a strong focus on technical development, strategy, design, and marketing.


Solution Partner, Silver

Guidance is a customer-centric Commerce Service Provider (CSP) dedicated to growth-oriented mid-market and enterprise-branded manufacturers and merchants in both B2C and B2B.


Solution Partner, Silver

HiQ, a leading Nordic consultancy company with both regional and global clients, simplifies peoples’ lives and creates a better world through technology and communications.


Solution Partner, Gold

Hoerl ensures successful PIM projects for companies across DACH with an experienced team of digital, print, and PIM specialists.


Solution Partner, Platinum

Immeo is a business-oriented IT consultancy firm focusing on helping customers strengthen their competitiveness through value-adding e-business solutions.


Solution Partner, Platinum

IMPACT is a digital consulting company specialized in digital commerce, helping companies transform their businesses to an omnichannel reality.

Indie Group

Solution Partner, Silver

Indie Group is a Belgium based digital performance agency that helps you translate business and marketing needs into today’s digital market.


Solution Partner, Silver

Global leader in next generation digital services and consulting.


Solution Partner, Silver

Infoverity is a professional services organization focused on solving business problems caused by the proliferation and diversification of data in large enterprises.

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the benefit of our partnerships

In today’s world, change is a constant. This means you need to be able to respond and adapt to challenges and opportunities as they arise – this applies to people, process, and technology. Inriver partners help our customers prepare for and solve challenges before they impact business.

Partners focus on everything from optimizing digital commerce for new channels or markets to building an e-commerce platform for a new line of business. One solution won’t solve all your challenges, but working with inriver partners ensure you won’t miss opportunities to drive revenue.

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