Lionbridge Freeway Adapter

inRiver Product Information Management LionbridgeLionbridge has for almost 20 years provided international organizations with the language, cultural, and technological expertise they need to transform how they communicate globally, delivering industry-leading translation and localization, digital marketing, global content management, and application testing services to the world’s top brands. As digital, social, and mobile content needs continue to grow, Lionbridge remains committed to helping clients succeed across geographies, platforms, and channels with our unmatched experience, ability to scale, and focus on continuous innovation.

With the Lionbridge Freeway Adapter you can quickly and easily translate your inRiver product content from your main language to your multi-lingual needs. The adapter enables the transmission of content between inRiver's PIM platform and Lionbridge Freeway, automating the translation process and the production of product information in multiple languages. By automating the translation work, you can reach a faster time-to-market for your product launches in all your markets. The Lionbridge Freeway Adapter seamlessly connects the solutions, creating an efficient combination for building an attractive international product offering that powers your business.

Solution highlights:

  • Fast response to the global market, with an end-to-end multi-lingual content supply chain
  • Manage content in one language in inRiver, get product content translated to other languages in a fast and cost-efficient way through Lionbridge Freeway
  • Multi-lingual content for all channels, in one place
  • Multi-lingual site content always up-to-date and in sync
  • Controlled workflow for translation projects


Version: 3.3
inRiver version supported: 6.3 SP3 and iPMC

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