InsiteCommerce inRiver Connector

Insite SoftwareInsite Software’s connected commerce platform brings together commerce, physical sales channels and content/data to drive better B2B buyer and B2C user experiences, and higher sales. Leading global manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors rely on Insite to better engage digitally with buyers and sellers via B2B websites such as customer/buyer portals, sales portals, partner portals and dealer portals. The Insite technology fully integrates with inRiver PIM as well as leading ERP, CRM and web content management systems, and can be flexibly deployed either on premises or in public/private clouds.


Utilizing inRiver’s Standard Schema Based Outbound Connector (standard XML export tool), all Product, Item, Resources and Channel information can be synchronized directly to the InsiteCommerce platform for use on the site. (Product, Product Variant, Images, Categories).

Solution highlights:A series of pre-defined integration jobs can be easily configured and mapped using InsiteCommerce’s integration platform. Data managed within inRiver seamlessly flows into InsiteCommerce for all published Products and Items. This data is utilized on the site to display rich Product content including HTML descriptions and images, Product attributes utilized for complex searches and faceting, creating Product Variants to group similar Products together, and building the Category tree to help Users navigate through the Product selection.


Version: v4.1+
inRiver version supported: v6.0+

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