Codifyd Bridge: Content Syndication for inRiver

Codifyd logotypeCodifyd is dedicated to helping B2B and B2C e-commerce companies navigate and meet the challenges they face in today’s digital commerce marketplace. At Codifyd, we’re product content obsessed. Our product content design, implementation and maintenance strategies not only enable clients to reduce costs, speed time to market and grow revenue, they also pave the way for an outstanding e-commerce shopping experience for online buyers.


Codifyd BRIDGE for inRiver eliminates the struggle of managing product content for sales channels by publishing 100% personalized content to all of your trading partners. Every trading partner receives your product information in their requested format.

Leading manufacturers and distributors are employing Codifyd BRIDGE to redefine content syndication. BRIDGE’s machine learning enables product content mapping and publishing at scale. By automating the flow of product content among your trading partners, BRIDGE gives you the freedom to sell more, grow more, and profit more.

Solutions Highlights:

  • Reduces stress and time of managing channels
  • Improves search results on the websites of your resellers
  • Increases online conversion rates
  • SaaS; no IT support requirements
  • Intuitive business user interface
  • Highly scalable
  • Fully secure


Links to supporting material:

US: Brad Johnson
EMEA: John Swanson
Phone: +1-815-572-1493

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