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Avensia logotypeAvensia has long experience of inRiver PIM implementations with the best e-commerce in focus. Our belief is that great content of your products will boost your e-commerce, provide more traffic to your site and convert more visitors into buying customers. Avensia is a trusted partner to inRiver and deliver reliable and competent solutions. Avensia was awarded "inRiver Partner of the Year" for several years, underlining our experience.


Avensia PDF generator for inRiver provides companies with the ability to efficiently create and maintain technical data sheets, safety data sheets, declarations of performance and product sheets. By using translatable texts in and product information from inRiver you can ensure that the documents always are up-to-date with the correct information in all languages. After review and approval, Avensia PDF Generator creates a complete PDF document with your company layout profile, ready to be consumed on your web, in your ERP system, or other channels.

Solution highlights

  • Reusable text phrases  (Sentence Builder)
  • Table view fields
  • Approval process
  • Templates following your company profile
  • Multiple language content from inRiver
  • Batch updates of documents
  • Distributable to all inRiver Channels


Version: 2.0
inRiver version supported: inRiver 6.2, 6.2 SP1 and 6.3

Links to supporting material: http://www.avensia.com/partners/inriver/avensia-pdf-generator

Website: http://avensia.com/

Contact: Ulrik Viebke
Email: inriver@avensia.com
Phone: +46 708 900 800

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