Alite International PIM for GS1

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PIM for GS1

This is a module for inRiver that provides the Food and Beverage industry with a complete model that applies to GS1 with all the required article and nutrient information. It eases the administration of Trade Item Information, and you are able to send in a Trade Item directly from the module to your local GS1 Data pool - with all information according to the Food and Beverage standard.

Much of the information needed in a Trade Item you can also use in other channels, so adding this module to your PIM not only helps you sending complete and validated Trade Items to GS1, but it lets you use all the relevant information in any other channel, such as web, applications, or printed material.

Solution highlights

Ease the burden and administration of working with trade item creation with the new PIM for GS1 module by Alite International


Version: 1.2
inRiver version supported: inRiver 6.1 or higher

Contact: Pär Wallin
Phone: +46 723-890777 

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