Absolunet Magento+inRiver Connector

AbsolunetAbsolunet is an eCommerce and digital marketing agency that helps companies transform eCommerce potential into business results. Absolunet drives digital revenue growth by leveraging a unique blend of creativity, agility, quality of execution and technological expertise.

Named inRiver’s North American “Partner of the Year” two years in a row (2014 and 2015), Absolunet is a Magento Gold Partner.

Founded in 1999, Absolunet  now employs a team of over 100 eCommerce and marketing experts in its U.S. and Canadian offices. The agency has delivered high-grossing platforms and solutions for clients in multiple sectors including photography and imaging, utilities, sports and lifestyle, retail, jewelry, furniture, leather goods, housewares, clothing and apparel, fast-fashion, children’s products, fast-food, broadcast television networks, State lotteries, lingerie and many more.


A simple yet extremely powerful and versatile solution to import product data from inRiver into Magento.

Solution highlights

  • Supports simple, configurable and bundled productsReproduces product hierarchy, items and categories from inRiver to Magento
  • Supports “related”, “cross-sell” and “upsell” products
  • Easily imports custom product attributes into Magento (dimensions, weight, etc.)
  • Designed for transferring high-volume product data from inRiver to Magento
  • Includes a “queue status” function to troubleshoot product information transfer
  • Intelligent Linking for Lookbooks: supports inRiver’s intelligent linking for “Look book” and “Shop the look” features (product relations)
  • Supports color swatch for better experience on the configurable product page
  • Exports products onto multiple Magento websites and store views
  • Supports Magento Staging environment to view products before they are published
  • Scheduled imports into Magento to avoid doing it during a high-traffic period
  • Connector is customizable for virtually any specific needs

Benefits of the solution

  • Fast deployment
  • Full exploitation of inRiver’s features in a Magento environment
  • Streamlined PIM integration
  • Reduced risk of data loss

inRiver version supported: inRiver 6.1+ and iPMC
Magento Version supported: Magento CE 1.9 and 2+, Magento EE 1.14 and 2+

Website: www.absolunet.com
Contact: Charles Desjardins, Partner
Email: charles.desjardins@absolunet.com
Phone: (+ 1) 514.982.6560 x 301

Not for distribution to third party integrators.

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