Partner integrations

Our Partner Integrations Marketplace is the hub to discover the powerful apps, extensions, and connectors that easily integrate with the inRiver platform.

Speed up with our partner integrations

Solutions to help customers meet business objectives and specific needs throughout the ecommerce journey.

Explore the three types of solutions that help global brands drive results. Drill down to learn more about the benefits they deliver.

Platform connectors

These are connectors to other complementary software platforms such as CMS and e‑commerce.

PIM accelerators

Rapid solutions that address specific industries or agile methodologies for retail, manufacturing, construction, and food and beverage industries.

Application add‑ons

Connectors that provide additional functionality to the core inRiver PIM platform.

Commercetools Connector (powered by SQLI)


Manage your product information in inriver PIM and push it effortlessly and directly to commercetools via our “inriver PIM commercetools connector.”

Knowit Pulse – Litium + inriver Connector


The Litium Connector for inriver from Knowit will allow you to organize your product data across systems and sync Litium with the inriver cloud.

abilex Inheritance Extension for inriver PIM


The Inheritance Extension for inriver PIM from abilex enables users to easily inherit features within inriver, allowing product information to be processed more effectively and without mistakes.

MadMax Consulting- power charge your product data with Icecat


Icecat is a hybrid product information catalog. Partially free connecting retailers to a vast trove of product data from sponsor brands they also offer a subscription to unlock the full catalog.

ImageVault Connect for inriver


This connector transfers metadata back and forth while image communication is managed with a reference or thumbnail to ensure high speed.

Sana Commerce Cloud inriver PIM Adapter


The inriver PIM to Sana Commerce Adapter enriches real time ERP product information to display up-to-date product data on your webstore.

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