Partner integrations

Our Partner Integrations Marketplace is the hub to discover the powerful apps, extensions, and connectors that easily integrate with the inRiver platform.

Speed up with our partner integrations

Solutions to help customers meet business objectives and specific needs throughout the ecommerce journey.

Explore the three types of solutions that help global brands drive results. Drill down to learn more about the benefits they deliver.

Platform connectors

These are connectors to other complementary software platforms such as CMS and e‑commerce.

PIM accelerators

Rapid solutions that address specific industries or agile methodologies for retail, manufacturing, construction, and food and beverage industries.

Application add‑ons

Connectors that provide additional functionality to the core inRiver PIM platform.

Ctac inriver ETIM Extension

industry solution, integration, PIM accelerator

The Ctac ETIM extension for inriver allows organizations to fully describe their technical product data in the industry-standard ETIM classification format.

Kraftvaerk: PIM in 90 days

PIM accelerator

Our accelerated process and know-how enables you to start utilizing the benefits of inriver in just 90 days. Get started quickly and continue to develop.

Luminosity inriver Accelerator: Quick Start Program

PIM accelerator

Get started with the inriver solution in less than two months.

Ntara Accelerated PIM

PIM accelerator

Ntara’s Accelerated PIM process saves your business time and money by launching an expertly-configured PIM solution in just eight weeks.

XSARUS Fashion Blocks for PIM

PIM accelerator

Fashion Blocks is a practical approach that enables fashion brands and retailers covering common product data management use cases using best practices and prebuilt add-ons.

Avensia PIM Automation Toolkit for Construction & DIY

PIM accelerator

Avensia’s toolkit enables enrichment processes and connectivity to product databases, and generation of product specifications according to ETIM standards.

Avyre Xcelerate

PIM accelerator

Let Avyre’s Xcelerate your product marketing with inriver without a large upfront investment. Xcelerate will take you from zero to PIM in 40 days!

Diamir Consulting GS1 Bridge for PIM

industry solution, integration, PIM accelerator

The GS1 Bridge from Diamir enables you to send validated article information directly from PIM to your customers.

Nexer: Agile Delivery for PIM

PIM accelerator

Our agile methodology for inriver PIM provides a faster time to value where you can have a single source of truth for product information, such as images and sales texts.

Semantix Autoconnect


Streamline your multilingual product content with our seamlessly integrated PIM connector that automates the entire translation process. Say goodbye to tedious copying/pasting and speed up time-to-market with minimal effort.

Immeo Azure Cloud-Data Hub for inriver

PIM accelerator

The Immeo Azure cloud-data hub for inriver delivers an effective solution to onboard multiple partners, resellers and dealers of your products with limited spend on integrations and maintenance.

Salesforce B2B Commerce Adapter


Take advantage of inriver’s flexibility when customizing and optimizing your product offering with the Salesforce B2B Commerce Adapter.

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