Partner integrations

Our Partner Integrations Marketplace is the hub to discover the powerful apps, extensions, and connectors that easily integrate with the inRiver platform.

Speed up with our partner integrations

Solutions to help customers meet business objectives and specific needs throughout the ecommerce journey.

Explore the three types of solutions that help global brands drive results. Drill down to learn more about the benefits they deliver.

Platform connectors

These are connectors to other complementary software platforms such as CMS and e‑commerce.

PIM accelerators

Rapid solutions that address specific industries or agile methodologies for retail, manufacturing, construction, and food and beverage industries.

Application add‑ons

Connectors that provide additional functionality to the core inRiver PIM platform.

Bynder inriver Connector


The inriver to Bynder Connector creates a real time synchronization for assets stored in the Bynder DAM Solution to inriver PIM.

Inriver Channable Syndication Connector


The inriver to Channable Syndication Connector publishes product information available in inriver channels to product feed management tool Channable.

Jetshop inriver Connector


This connector allows for seamless, near-real-time synchronization, dynamic field mapping, and full product and category management from inriver.

Ntara inriver and Kentico CMS Connector


Ntara has developed a connector between the .NET Kentico CMS and inriver PIM platforms. This connector easily ports product information from inriver directly into a customer’s CMS for use across different channels.

LanguageWire Connector to inriver


With the LanguageWire Connector to inriver, you can translate product information directly from your PIM software.

Lionbridge Freeway Adapter


Lionbridge connector allows cloud access and enables customers to experience a seamless integration of Lionbridge’s industry-leading translation automation technology with inriver’s award-winning PIM solution.

GlobalLink Connect for inriver


GlobalLink Connect for inriver provides an all-in-one solution to initiate, automate, control, track, and complete all facets of the translation process.

TietoEVRY PIM2BIM Connector – BIMobject

industry solution, integration

Manage and control product information from one source – inriver PIM. Then without difficulty, publish tailor-made data directly to the product pages at BIMobject Cloud Solution.

Sana Commerce inriver PIM Adapter


The inriver PIM adapter for Sana Commerce enriches real time ERP product information to display in your webstore.

Aperture Labs Accelerated Implementation Program

PIM accelerator

The Aperture Labs Accelerated Implementation Program is a collection of tools and processes to allow customers to quickly recognize value from their PIM investment.

Avensia PIM for Food and Beverages

PIM accelerator

With Avensia PIM for Food and Beverages you can handle and create all types of product related information. Create directories, update web pages automatically and validate for GS1.

Columbus Value Now for inriver

PIM accelerator

Value Now is an implementation package based on the idea of an MVP including specific add-on packages that will increase value for the customer.

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