Solution Partner, Silver

As a leading PIM consultancy firm in Scandinavia, with core competences such as PIM, integrations, Master Data Management and data governance, we provide a full suite of PIM consulting, implementation, and support services.


Industries covered: Manufacturing, Retail, Food & Beverage, Distribution, Other

Our consultants at PicoPublish are well known in the industry as being both passionate about data and proactive regarding our client’s data structure and usage.

We support customers throughout Europe and have operating customers in: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, England, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Israel.

PicoPublish excels in connecting your data with your business processes. Our understanding is so broad and deep that we regularly get included in projects regarding creative application of data such as blockchain, extension, apps, visualization, and integrations.

Besides structuring our customers’ product data, we also help them to efficiently onboard data from numerous diverse sources such as:

  • Suppliers
  • ERP, PLM and CRM-systems
  • Industry specific databases (C-NET, ICECAT etc)

We make it possible to publish data in all imaginable channels. Whether it is an automated catalog setup, direct feed to key accounts, marketplaces, an e-commerce solution in multiple languages or a stunning website – we make sure that data finds its way as efficiently and smoothly as possible!

PicoPublish – your structured way to success.

Website: https://picopublish.dk/services/pim/systemer/inriver/

PicoPublish and inriver visualization