Solution Partner, Platinum

Ntara specializes in product experience strategy and custom PIM and DAM software implementation.


Software portfolio: Aprimo, Xperience by Kentico, Znode, InBetween, Optimizely, TradeCentric, Virto Commerce  
Industries covered: Manufacturing (consumer product manufacturing, industrial product manufacturing), Retail, Food & Beverage, Distribution, Other

Ntara is a Platinum inriver Partner. We have a full-time team of certified inriver Business Consultants and Developers, and we are home to three inriver Champions: David Norvell, Jeremy Peterson, and Zach Helbert.

In these roles, our Champions actively participate in the inriver community and were recognized as 2022 Global Partner Ambassadors of the Year. They lead our PIM and DAM departments, including solutions architects, business analysts, and developers. And they are thought leaders in the PIM space who write educational articles about PIM best practices.

Ntara manages large scale digital transformation initiatives for consumer product manufacturers and industrial product manufacturers. We specialize in product experience strategy—from product data management to digital asset management to customer segmentation research. 

Listen and watch why Ntara partners with inriver

We are known for our PIM consulting and custom inriver PIM implementations. On the consulting side, we help clients audit their product data to develop an efficient plan for enrichment. We create product data lifecycle maps to ensure their product software ecosystem runs as efficiently as possible. And we help companies establish product data governance committees and SOPs.

On the implementation side, we take a consultative, customized approach. We create solutions that solve our clients’ unique business needs. That includes everything from custom user interfaces that improve internal adoption to custom integrations that automate manual processes. For more information on how we approach inriver implementations, visit Ntara.com

Ntaras PIM stats:

  • 30+ inriver implementations 
  • 100% custom, in-house integrations 
  • 100s of websites designed and launched 
  • 7+ years average client tenure  
  • 3 inriver Champions 

Check out some of our inriver case studies: 

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